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Loophole Could Bring New Gambling Options to Florida 

One of the major reasons why Florida legislators wanted to update the state’s gaming laws this year was to clean up a code filled with loopholes and makeshift patches that have made less and less sense as time goes on. When they failed to pass a comprehensive bill in the last legislative session, that left open the possibility that more loopholes might be opened going forward – and it looks like that’s just happened.

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Roulette is Coming to Broward. Just don’t Call it Roulette

South Florida Sun-Sentinel

Underneath a sign reading, “Roulette,” 12 gamblers sit at a table and place their bets. Within seconds, a white ball shoots onto a spinning wheel, bouncing through several rotations before landing in a red, black or green slot. The winners celebrate. The losers accept their defeat and try again. The only thing missing from the scene is James Bond and his shaken-not-stirred martini.

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